Monday, September 02, 2019

Why did I stop preaching through my writing?

Blogging was how I preached as a young pastor without a pulpit or regular preaching role.  The reverse problem isnow true as a professor, where sharing 8-12 times is not uncommon for a work week.  I slowly stopped stopped blogging, but did I lose something in the process?  There's something different about digesting and creating to share instead of just learning.  I love the sermon prep studying and wrestling through the Bible as we searching for fresh revelation until something new clicks!  It has a different impact from simply reading the Bible regularly.  I miss spending more focused energy around one developed weekly fresh word from God.

Currently, as I cycle through a chapter of Proverbs each correlating day (Aug 31=Prov 31, Sept 1=Prov 1, Sept 2=Prov 2, etc.), here's an included verse that stood out to me tonight as I wrap this random blog up

"Knowledge begins with respect for the Lord..."
 Proverbs 1:7 NCB

This blog isn't exciting and I might delete it, but it was a first step to me posting more regularly again!  Have a great Labor Day, 2019!