Thursday, July 16, 2009

Other US Musings

I Went for a Run today and this is what i observed
  • Looking Right-Left-Right instead of Left-Right-Left
I got so used to running in New Zealand that i find myself looking right first when i should be looking Left. I have to work on that while i am here.
  • Cars Stop for me when I run across the Road
It is nice to have the right of way again as a pedestrian. I was scared sometimes running and dodging cars as i would jog across roads in NZ where there weren't crosswalks.
  • Women look me in the Eye
Girls/Women/and men (all strangers) usually look up and say "hey" and some even wave from their cars instead of walking past girls/women who constantly do the ground stare and walk by without even recognizing my existence.
  • Places smell and feel Different
Neither is good or bad. But even as i got into LA things just felt and smell different. As i went for a run i realized how nature outside and the dirt here smell different than in NZ/Australia. Also the humidity is light now but still much more thick than in NZ. The Temperature is around 75F or 24C right now.
  • Taco Bell still tastes good
It wasn't some magical experience, but it made me miss the late night runs there. It seriously is one of if not my favorite fast food restaurant and i might be desperate enough to consider starting a branch in New Zealand if i were to live there long term! :)


Sarah said...

Are you just back for a visit or is your term over? I couldn't remember!

B said...

Just for a visit. My parents helped fly me back for the family vacation to see the grandparents and new nephew. One more year to go!

B said...
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