Tuesday, February 09, 2010

USA vs New Zealand Round 1: National Anthems

I read an article analyzing different countries' national anthems awhile ago that looked at the countries' values and worldview based on the national anthem. I thought it was a stretch, but more recently i was trying to memorize the New Zealand national anthem and thought to myself... So true about NZ! So here is to analyzing for the sake of analyzing :)

National Anthems
US: Celebrating the victory of the brave through their struggle for freedom of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" (Declaration of Independence)
NZ: Plea for God’s defense of unity through love instead of strife and war

US: Unity through struggle for life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness
NZ: Unity through meeting in the bonds of love

US: Praise through triumph of strife and war
NZ: Praise through lack of strife and war

NZ’s anthem mentions God. (and NZ is more popularly classified as secular nation)
US’s anthem doesn’t mention God (and US is more popularly classified as a Christian nation)

Both seem to have a danger:
USA: Danger of Victory without God (God is not mentioned but assumed)
NZ: Danger of Not needing God for victory (God is mentioned but not always assumed)


Rhett said...

NZ: slightly better than the US?


Mate, I didn't know you guys had EXPLODING BOMBS in your anthem! Ah... you Americans and your wars. Like a puppy with a chewy toy.

B said...

Spoken like a true Kiwi... hahaha
you know i can't answer that.

are you mocking aggressive americans, do you want to fight about it! just kidding

i think it is profound how much your beginnings and background as a person or even as a country really have an effect on you.