Friday, May 06, 2005

Laugh a little

Jesus had some great Dis's in the Bible! He called the Pharisees a "brood of vipers," then on another occasion he called them "white washed tombs", full of putrid and decaying flesh!!!(Matthew 5:29,30;18:,9) Can you imagine the crowd of nonChristians and Christian's reactions to a dis like that? Can’t you hear the crowd around him snickering and going "Oh shnap! Did he really just say that!?!" I almost picture it like he just let out a great yo' mama joke! hahaha
thought from the Humor of Christ


Anonymous said...

I definitely would have loved to been around when Jesus was doing the dissin'!!! I woulda been like "Dat's my boy!! Hit 'em again Jesus!!!" No for real though I wonder if I ever frustrate Jesus enough that He wants to say that stuff to me? And sometimes I feel like He has "dissed" on me before, but luckily for me He never disses without encouragement as well. He doesn't wanna leave me hurt and feeling like a piece of dirt. He wants to point out my wrongs so I'll learn from them and then move on with a new perspective and strength to carry on! Amen!

Keep up the good postin'!

Holla atcha boy,

Brent said...

Kevin, I'm with ya man... I have to think that i might be one of those guys in the crowd covering my mouth yelling,"OOOOHHHH!!! FIght, FIght..." I feel the dissin too sometimes... Do you ever wonder how much we are like the Pharisees? which is on to my next blog.

chriscollins said...

So yea, I'm gettin the immage of Jesus standin arround some inner city street ball game, white bandana hangin out the back pocket, dishin out these dis's to the thug Pharisees. And they be like,"O no you di'int!" and Jesus is like,"Bring it Foo!" Ahhh...there's nothing like making a modern interpratation of scripture. It makes it clearer for people of today to understand. I think your on to something here brent, Inner city ministry with a twist. Think about that one. lol

Brent said...

hahahaha! Chris your making me laugh man! Jesus, can you be ghetto? Is it possible that you speak through ebonics? :)

Anonymous said...

I think that this also shows that Jesus really has a since of humor but I love how when ever he does diss someone he definitely does it to make them truly think about what they did and why they did it. I know for sure that there are many times that Jesus probable would have dissed on me but I know for sure that it was something that I would have or did need to hear. It's a way of being real and down to earth with us while making us think about our actions deeper then what they look like.

Brent said...

A great point which the book i read includes. My one concern that eats at me in the back of my head is, "Does this mean we have to be intentional about everything?" Can i tell a joke just flippantly or does part of growing up and caring include me having to be intentional as Jesus was with every action? It's scary and i don't know if i am capable of it!?!