Monday, April 25, 2005

It's snowing!!!

It went from 80 degrees two days ago to at least 32 degrees because it is snowing hard with a cold wind! Only Indiana could pull this one off at the end of April!!!

A lot is going on

It is finals weekend so the descriptions will be short but here is the synopsis of what i have been up to and how the leg is doing

My Roommate is the coolest!!!

The Hodson Half Marathon
My leg is doing good but still gets sore here and there. Our dorm sponsors a half marathon for our school and i was disappointed that i couldn't do it because of my knee. Leave it to my roommate to come to the rescue!!! Steve pushed me 13.1 miles while i sat in this wheel chair. 3 hours and 15 minutes later with a nice tan and some good talks we crossed the finish line last Saturday! What a good friend.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Back to Doodling

Prof 4
This is my Homoletics class prof... hence the sermon notes below the picture!!!hahaha. but to my own credit, i did not doodle during the sermon but only when the teacher was reviewing a sermon!

Steve has got a Girlfriend!

My roommate to the left is sitting by Stephanie. The latest news is that they are dating. Short and sweet... my roommate doesn't need me anymore. He found someone cuter and moved on.... I know, i know... your thinking right now: "Brent, suck it up and be a man!"

Ahh... the good times

Icing Fight
There is just something enjoyable about seeing someone get icing shoved completely up their nose!!! The only draw back is that you have to expect the person to return the favor. This is Jess and Emily and me after we threw it down in Shatford's dorm.


David Bell
David Bell came to visit me like 4 weeks ago! He came to visit Jared and stopped in. David is my friend from California that would wake up at 5AM to go surfing with me!


The chaplains
This year i was the dorm chaplain. This is me and the chaplains of each floor that i oversee and meet with weekly! They are great guys and it has been amazing to see God work through each of them in different ways!