Thursday, March 17, 2005

A Tribute to the Coolest Ladies on IWU's campus

Susan, Renee, & Pat
This is me and the ladies from the Record's office. Everytime i go up there it is a party! No lie! These women may seem sweet and serene in this picture, but it just doesn't do them justice! They remember everyone's name, mine being Ollie, and it is just endless laughs. Pat is big fan of the opened toed shoes as much as possible. Renee is the one that is ALWAYS there. Susan is the one who is crazy enough to make the three of these women work well together. If one ever needs entertainment, they need not look far. Just go up the steps to the "record's office" and be prepared for an experience!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Micah & Matee
These are some of my friends in chapel. It's always good times

Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Update

These are pictures from like the last month and what i have been doing enjoy!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Beginning to end

For beard growing month in the dorm i shaved my whole head: Here is before

yep you guessed it

And here is the end of February:
Yeah, i agree, i am not attractive hairless or hairy and my dad would just say i am not attractive at all! But hey, Que sera sera.

SPRING BREAK!!! dreaming

It's Spring Break! 3/4 of the IWU's campus is in Florida, my roommate is in the carribean(Picture below)

due to my knee therapy and healing i am in Plymouth, Indiana. It has been fun times with the family and good down time, but i am definitely not getting any tanner. Sorry for the shirt being off in the pictures, but honestly, if i were at the beach with my shirt off would you even give it a second thought?!?

This is where i think i am at when i put on my reef sandals or smell my surf wax

And this is pretty much the sad reality of it all! I have been reading and thinking a lot of things through, though, so time has gone quickly

sarah dignal
This is me and a fellow San Diegan raising a sandal solute to warm weather while it was snowing at a soccer game earlier this year. What a great bonding moment!

The Knee Update

the infamous CPM machine
This is the machine i was on 6 hrs a day for 2 weeks after the surgery. I strapped myself in and it would bend up and down slowly.... it put me to sleep most of the time! THe funnest part was asking people for help when i was a useless lazy bum stuck in this machine... I still have the tendencey to yell at people for help but it is not effective without the machine anymore! :)
The doctor's say i am ahead of the game... but that doesn't mean much. Between 6-10 weeks the graft in my knee is weakest and the most prone to injury. This means that no matter how well i walk or feel, i really can't do much activity/sports. I did go and shoot some hoops outside by myself the other thought. I felt like a kid and it was great!!! ...juking out the invisible defender in front of me, shooting the last second shot 3..2..1... and then shooting the last second shot again because i am the only one who saw i missed 3..2..1... and then shooting it again- you get the picture, until i actually make the last minute shot and make the "crowd cheering sound" with my hands raised as i walk back into the house victorious. Good times. I should be pretty much full force by the next school year. Everything until then just takes time... That Kills Me!!!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Chicago trip

Kelly and me
Hence my pitiful and desperate nature, Kelly, was nice enough to pick me up on her way to chicago today. She is the RD in Evans and needed some things from ikea-Quick Interlude- Is Ikea not the best store ever!?! There is way too much cool stuff in there- and i just needed to feel like i got out of the house. It was fun. along the drive, i made her pull over so i could see if there were waves on Lake Michigan. I couldn't tell completely since there wasn't a beach, but this is where the picture is taken.... not a bad picture considering i'm holding the camera and i still got the chicago skyline in the background... okay, maybe its a bad picture of me, but besides that!

My Deep Thought for the Day

I was thinking about how i would make God look attractive. Maybe that in itself is the wrong approach?!? Anyway, i thought about how my extrovertedness would be one of my main means to show a person that Christians can have a good time and that Christians are not hypocrytical all the time. I had a lot of different other reasons and as my thoughts were winding down i thought... not very many of my tactics in persuading people to come to the Lord would be solely on their need for him or the comfort that he gives or the sole fact that he is completely relevant to our culture! Then it made me question how much of my relationship is based not on the sole fact that i need God and that he is relevant, but on the dependece of fun personality traits or other things of little importance. How would i explain what makes God worthwhile? I sure hope that the next time the topic comes up that i don't sugarcoat it with fun or shortcuts, but with the reality and impact that GOd has made on my life: his love, joy, patience, and everything else He has given me!

Monday, March 07, 2005

People to know

This is my friend and boss Levi!!! He is the RD of Hodson(the dorm i live in)

Levi the RD
If you ever want to find out something about yourself, just sit down and talk to him. He is the best questioner and most contemplative man i know... and i love it! Next year i am going to be an RA in the dorm! That will be crazy! Crazy Fun! I don't know. I'm suppose to be matured and ready to move on my senior year of college and instead i am going to be more involved in on campus activity than ever before! What can you do!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Birthdays are fun

This is a fun picture from Tana's birthday party at Mi Pueblo's.

tana's birthday
It's always good times with fun birthday toys and hats... that could entertain me for days!!! Maybe i should have my birthday more often!... can i do that?!?