Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Senior Year at IWU

I just finished two weeks of RA training and now getting into the swing of things as the campus went from being practically empty to practically overcrowded. But i am loving the people and activities. These are some pictures from last year of the Hodson Hall staff that i am working with. These guys are amazing brothers and will play a big part this year

joel loves hugs

models eat your hearts out

cuddle time


oh yeah

hodson evans


number 1

link up


last year RA

team work

last year RA

The Summer lowdown

my older girls

my kids

paintball wound

paintball wounds


we like to eat kids for entertainment

yeah... i am at least 2 inches off the ground

my older girls

kids counseler

Padres game

look at Kaylee in the back... ouch


my kind of guy

true golf

nice Powder fight

Conquer and destroy

balloon head

stylish sun tan

fun singing time

pure enjoyment

older kid leadership


good times

the crew


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Summer Lesson

We all have leaders... their either our friends, our mentors,our boss, etc. My friend was talking about jobs recently and told me he would hunt me dOWN if i worked for a certain guy. His reasoning was you want to be under someone you want to bw like. They are bound to rub off on you whether you think so or not. Choose wisely... and so any leadership under me... you better give it one last consideration as to what you are getting yourself into! ha!