Sunday, October 24, 2004

Best Seat EVER!!!

yea 4 me
As fun as traveling is, I am NEVER comfortable in planes!!! Well it turns out i got the hook up leaving Washington DC. The seat was gone!!! Coincidence?... I think NOT!!! God hooked me up with Shaquielle Oneal's seat! Forget first class, they can come serve me back here!!! :) Ahhhh the little joys in life!

leg space

Friday, October 15, 2004

Things to beat

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I fit 14 full napkins in my mouth
I got six hits running completely around the table while playing ping pong by myself
I slept for 18 hours straight

That's It For Now...

Quick Thoughts

PERSPECTIVE: Adam Thada ran the half marathon faster than me but his response to my praise was this: Good Job! That means that you ran just as hard for that much longer than me. You're Amazing!

Am i the only one who doesn't feel that excited to vote for Bush or Kerry?!? That i am almost settling either way?

The culture says: To Live is Gain and To Die is Christ!
God said through Paul: To live is Christ and to Die is gain!
Can we do anything about that?

So what have i been up to?

A LOT!!! This last weekend(Oct 8-9) i hiked the Knobstone Trail which was a 45 mile hike in 21 hours through the night and day. To see more pictures and a description of the hike and trail go to this sight

Ryan Robertson, Danielle Searl, Dan Eggenschwiler, Kevin Wright, Me, and Adam Thada Posted by Hello

From 6:15PM to 3:45PM the next day Posted by Hello
FUNNY STORY: "And God humbled Me" About 4 miles into the hike i was leading the group and i felt fresh and ready to hike. So at the top of my lungs i half seriously half emphatically said,"Whoo! Give me a challenge" No exaggeration... 3 steps later i am rolling down the hill in the dark. God somehow kicked a stick in the road that caught my shoe and took me out. Not to mention everybody else was laughting and knew i deserved it.

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This is the 45.24 club pretty much saying WHATUP!!! you see that mountain behind me... yeah walked like 20 of those today!

God has blown me away

I am the dorm chaplain for Hodson Hall this year. For our Hall Devotions we had a "lust and pizza night" where Professor Dave Smith who definitely reminds me of Agent Smith (see below)

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came and spoke to us about our struggles. So i was expecting 30 or so guys...75-90 showed up and pack in this small room! God definitely spoke through Dave and I have been blown away by how much the guys in my hall actually desire to make a difference for the Lord and to know him better! Praise the Lord!

Free Time!!

I've been playing a lot of Ping Pong

Free Time also equals
HALO! You can hook up 16 players to one game over the internet/network. Here's four guys from the floor playing!

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Hodson Scotsmen!

My Dorm dresses up as Scotsmen and we go to our home soccer games with shields, torches, and swords cheering like mad men! We do a push up for every goal we score and hackle the other team... IT's Great!

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Ahhh- jogging buddy Posted by Hello
THis is Jon. He wakes me up on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to go running 2-3 miles with him

Three Weekends Ago...

I went to Dayton Ohio and ran a half marathon with 6 friends. I ran a half last year and burnt myself out so although i was in worse shape, i paced myself and bettered my time by averaging just under 8 minute miles!!!

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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Reminiscing on the Summer

One thing that i did this summer that was amazingly lucky was i picked up an 8-10 spare! It was amazing.

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Another thing that was awesome was i chipped in my first golf shot from like 20 feet away! i also had my longest putt out of the rough from about 15 feet away on a par three course!