Thursday, February 06, 2014

How to Master Your Walk With God

The mastery theory says it takes 10,000 hours to master something.

Based on approximates, averages, & stats, here are a few things you will master in this life naturally:
By 4 months or 13months, you have mastered being alive
By 1.1, you've mastered being a son or daughter
By 2, you've mastered being awake
By 4, you've mastered sleeping
By 7, you've mastered playing
By 8, you've mastered being social/ being in school/ being at home
By 13.6, you've mastered eating (2hrs/day)
By 14, you've mastered watching TV
By 27, you've mastered working
By 56, you've mastered going to the bathroom and bathing

So What time commitment would it take to master your walk with God?

By 147 praying (10min/day)
By 192 reading the Bible (1hr/wk)

In 27 years, you can master a spiritual habit practiced 1 hour every day.

So How do you master your walk with God?  I can't give you a concrete universal, but I can give you a suggestion.

The Principle Takeaway?  It will take a consistent intentionality and time investment to master spiritual disciplines to grow as close as you can to God.  Until we follow God's prompting and develop spiritual practices that start to come naturally, we will have to seek God with more than just an assumption that humanity will do this naturally.