Monday, December 05, 2005

Weekend Fun

I had a lot of work this weekend so i made sure to take a few breaks. Friday night we grilled out in the light snow! :) ate inside, looked at the Christmas lights, and watched the elf, and played spoons with Candy Canes.... it was one of those nights you walk away from thinking, "that was a GOOD time!"

Christmas Friday night
Saturday i was studying in the Library when my friend Mark came and got me and we went sledding in the first heavy snow at Midnight. Good times. Here are some of the friends. The guys all are on my floor and the girls all live in the same dorm.

New Hall Girls

Mark made it through!!! Painful bliss!

Bjorn got hit with a snowball!

Painful Sledding (did a 360 flip after this shot)

Our Snowman!