Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Everything's amazing & nobody's happy...

This is a comedian commenting on how we have lost perspective on how good we have it. Sorry for the one censored part, but i think his point is worth the post.

Gratitude is good.

Monday, February 23, 2009

A Shout out to Crave in the US

My friend Brooke is developing a college program in the US and this is their first promo video. With a video like that i would be checking out their ministry just for the sheer entertainment of it!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

In God I Am...

Accepted, Significant, and Secure.
I have been intrigued this past year with proclamations that we can make as Christians and I really enjoyed reading down this list I stumbled across at the page below:

It is worth the 3 minute read for the truth, hope, and encouragement that it reminds us we have in Christ.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Videos of New Zealand and Surfing

Some New Videos for you!
My friend Evy Mazellan from Marion, IN is over here in Auckland staying with the Fussners and his main two goals are to surf and paint. I can't help him with the painting, but i can with the surfing!

Evy graduated from Marion high school a term early and is living in NZ until June instead of in being in school. It is fun to see New Zealand and to get a feel for some of the roads, landscape, and ocean through younger fresh eyes, so i am sure you will enjoy the 2 videos he has made.

This first video is of Evy and me surfing at Hot Water Beach.
This is the first time i have ever seen myself surf on video!

This second one is Evy's fun video he made for friends.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Video of the New Van (video works now)

Here is a video for those who are interested in seeing my new wheels and laughing with me about how Ridiculously awesome it is that i am driving this around now! enjoy

Monday, February 09, 2009

Barefoot at Church

I played barefoot on the worship team this week and then looked around and realized that two others were too! I am still so used to the whole "no shoes, no shirt, no service" that it is still hard for me to get over that people can go into most restaurants, grocery stores, etc barefoot. I still feel like i am breaking some law when i do it or like my feet are missing something?

"You're the Pastor who was Barefoot!"
I even remember taking off my sandals to feel comfortable and preaching barefoot at a school assembly once while i was in college and I didn't think anything of it at the time.

A year later i met a student who was trying to remember how they knew me and they finally remembered, "Oh, you were that pastor who was barefoot!" Apparently i stood out more than i thought.
and NO is the answer for those who were wondering if this was me.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Superbowl Commercials for my friends in New Zealand

Since most of my friends in New Zealand didn't get to watch the Superbowl let alone the commercials... i have included some of the main commercials from this years superbowl so that everyone here can enjoy as well! :)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Monday, February 02, 2009

Summer Media Fast

Not necessarily on purpose, but since camp at the beginning of January i have really cut back on my media. I really enjoyed the quality time with people instead of looking at a screen.

That and it being the main part of summer, i found myself heavily involved with people and spending little time at home and in front of a screen.
That has meant few TV time and Movies
Little email and facebook time
and few phone calls
I apologize for the lack of updates and communication to some after camp, but know it is not because i don't love you, it has just been that time of year! :)

Great Superbowl!

I watched the Superbowl at Noon yesterday which was weird because it it usually at like 3pm in San Diego or 6pm in Indiana and would play into the night. And it was mainly three of us guys watching... no huge party... although we did eat well.

Also, they don't show the US commercials, so i am going to have to watch them online later.

I was actually pretty disappointed since i was rooting for the Cardinals, but it was still a fun game to watch nonetheless!

I have loved the last three Superbowls for that.
This Superbowl 09 came down to the last drive and last thirty seconds
Last Year Eli Manning somehow avoided a sack and made a miraculous throw and catch on the last drive of the game in Superbowl 2008 to help win

Even the Colts vs. Bears Game in Superbowl 2007 was an emotional rollercoaster from the start when the opening kickoff was returned for a touchdown!
All this to say i have been more than pleased with the last few Superbowls.

I usually have a favorite team, but i usually root for a close or interesting game more than my team annihilating the other team.

I just remember rooting for the Buffalo Bills against the Cowboys in 1995, and not only did my team lose, but the game wasn't even close. The final was 52-17. At half time i stopped watching, of course i was only like 9 at the time, but still, a close game is always more fun in my eyes.

Ignite Followup

The camp was incredible. God really moved and i believe it is heavily because of the prayer support that went into the weekend

Below were all of the responses from the evaluation forms the teens filled out at the end of camp with basically three questions:
What did you enjoy:
Did you make any commitments:
What can we pray about for you:

What I enjoyed most about the weekend:
• Brent preaching about our saviour and the activities were awesome and GREEN WINNING!!!!!
• Group activities because it encouraged me to work together as a team, to help each other, love each other, have fun with each other and also talk in Christ with each other.
• I found the whole week enjoyable but what I enjoyed the most was the praise and worship and listening to the sermons. As well as the activities provided for us.
• All the water activities and meeting all the awesome new people.
• Is being with people who choose Christ as their God and that we could experience a change in ourselves together.
• Meeting new people and getting to know more about God.
• Meeting new people, taking part in the cool activities, listening to the messages at the rallies and the morning devotions.
• I most enjoyed the eating.
• Playing in the swimming pool and eating.
• The company, fellowship, fun activities and others.
• Game activities and church rallies.
• The activities and also the praise and worship and I really loved the Ember Days.
• Devotions
• The activities.
• Meeting new people form different cultures etc.
• The activities
• The activities that involved water.
• Getting to know Rachel (our cabin leader) more.
• The mudslide and the service on Saturday night was amazing.
• Playing games, having nice breakfast, lunch and dinner.
• Having fun, getting muddy and wet and worship with the Ember Days.
• Unloading burdens. Kidney challenge!
• Most of the things
• Worship and rallies plus messy games.
• I enjoyed the team challenges because of the spirit each team had, which made it competitive and exciting. I also really enjoyed Brent’s messages, especially Saturday night.
• I really enjoyed mostly everything – the worship was awesome, really touching and I really changed.
• Meeting new people and all of the group activities were wicked. And the food was good.
• I mostly enjoyed the swimming in the pond and Brent’s sermons.
• Everything
• Ember Days
• I enjoyed everything this weekend. It was fun and exciting and I love the word that was said. Also making new friends.
• Being around lots of young people and having the most fun time ever. Loved getting dirty. I loved that fact that the whole day was planned out so no-one got bored. It was a great idea to be in teams ‘cause it brought people together.
• I really enjoyed meeting new people and the fund activities, enjoyed getting to know the girls in my cabin. Brent’s messages were really good, and I particularly liked the foot washing time – it was quite powerful and it was so awesome to serve others that way, and the encouragement I needed. And green won!!!
• Meeting so many new people and forming great friendships with them. Also working together as a team and never giving up. The meat challenge was awesome.
• Getting to know new people and to hear Brent preach! But the best part of all was being able to wash others feet and to have that experience with my peers.
• Life changing moments. Sermons, worship, meeting new peoples and building friendships, team activities.
• The foot washing night was amazing. A great sharing time. I heard about it last year and loved it.
• I enjoyed the activities and the rallies.
• Playing with other people and meeting new people.
• Free time.
• Table tennis.
• Brent’s enthusiasm in his preaching.
• Table tennis and talking with my cabin members.
• All the rally sessions and programme, and games and the free time.
• I loved it all. But my favourite was doing the team challenges and eating the food. The cooking was great, and I love the competition. My ultimate-favourite was on Sunday night on the foot washing and prayer times.
• Sermons.
• The disgusting games and activities.
• I enjoyed all the rallies, the games, free time, sleeping and spending time with people I don’t know.
• Team Activities, making new friends, talking, sleeping, free time. The Talent show and our Dance.
• Swimming in the clear pool compared to the pond. The Band Ember Days. Sermons, doing crazy shenanigans with cabin members, being gangsta in our dance.
• Spending time with the girls from my cabin and getting to know some New Zealanders. Getting wet and dirty and having a bunch of fun. Mudslide, mudfights. Practicing for the talent show.
• I really enjoyed the sermons that Pastor Brent shared with us. He really made it easy for us as youth to understand what happens around the world. I also enjoyed the mudslide. Mudslide was the highlight of my time here this year.
• I enjoyed meeting new people, doing team activities such as paddle boats, the mud slide, the pre-rallies, the cabin talent show and more.
• I enjoyed the activities such as flying fox and mudslide.
• I especially enjoyed the mudslide and other activities as well.
• I enjoyed the flying fox the most.
• I enjoyed the talent show.
• The Ember Days and all the worship and messages Brent produced. They were very encouraging and a joy to watch. I also loved the activities, especially the cabin leader hunt that PURPLE won!!!!
• Brent’s sermons, The Ember Days, footwashing, cabin leader hunt.
• Paddle boats.
• Everything.
• Swimming pool, playing, the nice food and the worship and the preaching.
• Everything, especially the preaching.

Did you make any significant decisions or commitments this week?
• Yes, I did.
• Yes, on Sunday night when Pastor Brent lead us with a message to humble ourselves like what Jesus did and it touched my heart to humble myself and serve others even if they are strong or rich or poor, especially if the hate me I try to forgive them by washing their feet.
• This week I made a decision to humble myself from those around me, my family and friends and to work on improving my spiritual walk with God. Spreading the word to everyone and also to remain humble like Jesus when others sin against me.
• No, I only re-committed.
• To care more and be aware of other people’s interests and ideas. Another commitment I made is not to be lazy.
• Yes, I have.
• Going up for the altar call, to not be nervous or intimidated in this new environment, to be happy and enjoy myself here at camp.
• No
• Just try and re-commit my life to the Lord and live by the ‘word’.
• Just taking teamwork more seriously.
• Yes and I enjoyed it and had lots of fun.
• Yes, I gave my life to the Lord for the first time.
• Not really
• I committed my life to God.
• Yes, I accepted Jesus into my life.
• Yes, to work more for God spiritually and physically.
• I asked God to help me to stay committed and be true to him.
• Yes, to go to bed late and wake up early. And yes to pray to the Lord.
• Yes. Sermons and loved ones around me this week made me want to clear my head of some things.
• I recognised that I need God’s help in my life even if I think I can be independent.
• I made a re-commitment to God on Saturday night to refresh my fire and passion for God. I also felt a calling to commit to Brent’s call for full time ministry.
• Yes, and I fell so much better because if feels like Jesus just came and took my sins away.
• I decided that I want to follow a path of ministry or whatever else the Lord has in mind.
• To change my life.
• I’ve decided to trust God more and put God into everything I do. Making sure I include him in all my decisions.
• I want to be closer to Christ.
• Not anything new, but more encouragement to really serve God with my whole live in my future through whatever he wants me to do.
• Just to make sure I totally commit my live solely and fully to him. Also to let go.
• When we were talking about Revelations chapter 2 verse 7 I made a commitment to serve and respect our church leaders and to follow in lives like theirs.
• No. I didn’t go up the front but even staying in my seat I was still overwhelmed by God and brought to the floor in tears!
• I didn’t make anything too big. I know that because of the foot washing some of my friends have become closer. It was a touching time.
• Yes, I did.
• Yes, I did.
• I committed my life to Christ.
• I thought I could believe in God more enthusiastically.
• To praise more.
• Recommitment.
• Yes, I committed to serve God all my life no matter what I have to do or how I do it.
• I recommitted my life to God and felt that I needed to.
• Yes, I did.
• No, but I did wash someone’s feet and that was very moving.
• I decided to seek God, ask for help as much as possible.
• To reduce the time I spend on the computer.
• That I will serve the Lord in anyway possible in the future and especially if it means going overseas because that’s always been my passion and I want to use that with God.
• Yeah, I committed my everything to God and asked him for help.
• To go and help people who need it.

Is there anything that I can pray for you about?
• About me in general and my Christian life.
• Yes please, I have a personal problem with a relative, but please can you help me and encourage me and to love my enemy and to forgive those who hate me.
• Pray for guidance in my life and also for our Saioni youth that we will continue to grow spiritually.
• That I will continue to grow and learn by faith in God.
• For a better relationship with Christ.
• No thanks.
• My career and pray that I can fully commit myself to the Lord 24/7
• That my relationships and the decisions I make in my life will help me grow spiritually and as a person to fulfil the plans the Lord has set out for me.
• My dad becoming a Christian.
• Having a good year and help me academically.
• My mum is in Fiji and the family around the world that is sick and everything.
• Yes, for my school work and my future and I also want you to pray for my future and my spiritual life.
• Hep me at school.
• My family and spiritual life to stay strong.
• My school and my teenage life.
• Yes, to help me know God more and to conquer the challenges ahead of me.
• Yes please, to continue worshipping God and to build a more stronger relationship between me and God.
• Just helping me to grow another year of high school and just ask the Lord to help my spiritual work with him.
• That Jesus could be in my heart and that I would worship the Lord more.
• Family problems, problems with my friends in the youth, insecurities…..please.
• Reaching friends at school.
• That my passion for God would not die out and that I would have the right attitude to tackle everyday situations.
• Yes, to help me work harder in high school. And hopefully end up somewhere.
• Good health and just thank you for everything.
• Getting dad to come to church again and that he enjoys it.
• For my family, myself and especially that God will give me strength and wisdom in my home and school as wells as outside. That would also help me to get over my fears of singing alone. And that whatever God has in store for me that I’ll stay by his side and not stray form his purpose.
• Yes, that I could listen to God’s voice, like really hear it. That my life would not be centred around me but I would concentrate on others and put them before me and most importantly put God first.
• Direction, do I move or don’t I.
• That everyone who came to this camp leaves with Jesus in their hearts and that they know that Jesus loves them and that they show others the same!!
• My brother. That he would come back to God. My Mum, that she gets better.
• Just that everything this year will go good and everyone will stay safe.
• Help me with my needs and strength.
• Yes, I would like you to pray for my life and the Saioni Youth.
• About my future.
• Have a good final year at college.
• Please just pray for my life.
• Family and friends.
• My relative who was murdered and me and my family.
• That I will continue to prosper in everything I do.
• Last year of school.
• Pray for my cousin who committed his life to the Lord this week. Just pray that his faith will grow and that he will be strong to his commitments.
• I would like to ask for you to pray for some guidance in my spiritual journey with God and to ask for forgiveness of all the wrongs I’ve done in my past.
• Even though my dad attends church (sometimes) he does not believe in God, I pray for my dad’s belief towards God.
• For my parents to be happy and for my father to go to church.
• For my father to go to church and believe in God.
• I want to be a teacher.
• Please pray that I can have confidence with facing difficult team mates this year in the first 11 and that I could even spread the word more at school and in my team. And also that I can have the strength to put up with non-conscious put-downs others are making about my true faith.
• To have a stronger walk with God and know who he really is.
• My love life.
• School and my future.
• Just pray about my family please.