Sunday, October 30, 2005

My Summarizing thoughts


I am an RA this year. That means i am in control of a floor of 37 guys. It's crazy fun and busy... through all of it, here are my quick thoughts:

One thing no one like is a Cocky person... unless the cocky person is nice to them, no one likes it when someone thinks there better than you... don't be that guy

Do not say, "Why were the old days better than these?" For it is not wise to ask such questions. Ecclesiastes 7:10

Family... i love you even though i am horrible at keeping in contact

My body requires some sort of agressive activity or exercise daily or else i go into slumps

There's a lot of needs, especially through missions, Katrina Relief, Sri Lanka, that still are not being met

Don't get caught up on having to read and write, because then you are missing out on all God wants to tell you. I have read James every night for the past couple of weeks and it has been amazing to see how it has played out and been implemented into my life and mind! Keep going!

Hodson Scottsmen make the Paper!!!

4 years ago my dorm started dressing up like scottsmen with kilts and swords and went to the soccer games. This year we have been getting recognition for it! We made the front page of chronicle tribune

front of whole newspapaer
and the front of the sports page right next to articles on Purdue's and Notre Dame's scores and highlights!!! The funniest part is we have them fooled... we don't even play sports! :)

top half of article on sports page

2nd half

Knees getting better!

1/2 marathon

I ran a half marathon this weekend and it felt good. Tyler, Ryan, Kristen, and i Ran it together.

Tyler and Ryan were both under 1:30.00 and me and Kristen kept a steady pace finishing at 1:52.00

The knee was a little tight but has done well with this and intramural football
Praise the Lord. I may get hurt a lot, but the Lord has never failed to Heal!!!

Intramural Football

3 North Football team
Our team got to the championships this year! It was awesome... we were up 7-0 at half time and lost 19-7 at the end but it was a good game. It was bringing back old memories of football having a huge crowd around me you while you give it your best. Probly the last time i will have that many people cheering for me.. so i enjoyed it!

intramural football

Our Tough Fans

Multitask learning

New Prof!
Its the only way i can take my nervous energy out, listen, and focus. If nothing else i'm entertained!

American Gladiators

A new Hodson Dorm Event we started this year that was kind of my baby

our gladiators
One event was powerball- the contestants have to get the ball in the trashcan without dropping the ball or getting tackled

when you think you had a good idea

IWU. When you realize it's NOT!!!Assault- Contestants have to hit a target without getting hit by the tennis balls we throw

Dave & I throwing tennis balls for Assault

the crowd

breakthrough & conquer
We also did the Joust, Climbing Wall, & Eliminator! It went well.

Monday, October 03, 2005

My floor- Hodson 3 North

My floor theme is LIVE

A letter up close

live like you were dying

James Dobson at Fall Convocation

Sister Unit

Living in the best guys dorm and all the ladies just want to hangout, you know... actually we have a really cool sister unit from a girls dorm who we have done a lot with. Football and the banquet were just two of many

homecoming banquet with our sister unit

Mud football with sister unit

Mud football with sister unit