Thursday, October 10, 2013

I Want God

Sometimes I over answer things.  You see, I'm preparing to speak for Kingswood's chapel on Tues, Oct 15 at 8:30am(EST), and I've got all of these great scriptural "gems" to unpack...

But a part of me is troubled.

A part of me is troubled that people will get distracted by my ideas and miss the underlying cry of my heart that simply pounds out, "I want God."

That's all I really want to preach sometimes.      

"I want... Christ."                            


Thursday, October 03, 2013

My 5 Canadian American Non-stereotypical Differences

Two clauses:
1) I promise to write some more indepth posts soon.
2) This is from what I'm experiencing in Atlantic Canada, not all of Canada.

Top 5 Canadian Us Non-stereotypical Differences
1) There’s no hands free fuel lock or auto-clip for fuel nozzles at the gas stations in this part of Canada.
2) At stores or even drive-thrus, you don't hand them your credit card, they hand you the credit/debit machine.
3) Milk is more expensive in Canada but cheaper when purchased in a bag, even though they still have paper or plastic cartons.