Saturday, May 22, 2010

Me Rambling

3 funny things happened this last Thursday:
  1. I made a friend a worship cd to practice the piano with the songs. When I asked him about it, he said thanks, and went on to explain that he has had trouble sleeping and that he played one of those cds and it put him right to sleep!!! hahaha that wasn't exactly what i had in mind, but i guess that works to.
  2. I was having so much fun singing to a song in my van at a stoplight today, that the 2 girls and guy in the car next to me had rolled down their window to try and here what i was listening to! Now that is dedication to car dancing! What was i listening to? A random American song that i have been newly enlightened to called "Mysterious Girl" by Peter Andre. :)
  3. A random remembrance: There was a girl i remember being extra flirty when i was back in the US like 3 years. I finally pinpointed it one day that one of the main things she did that made her this way was that she would never look at you straight face to face but would always look out at you from the side or the corner of her eyes. Just a random observation.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

If You Want to Listen To My Latest Sermon

Just over a couple of weeks at cession|community ago I preached on Judgement. It was a sermon that i received a lot of cool responses about. If you want to listen to the sermon you can click here and it should start downloading.

They included about 10 minutes of testimony before my actual sermon just as a heads up and also, towards the beginning, when i ask "what are your honest opinions about this?" i have on a crazy pair of American flag pants.

It was for a series called The Apprentice discussing whether you had what it takes to follow Jesus standard of living in terms of gossip, judgment, and revenge.

Personality Driven Ministry: To do or not to do?

Having a stronger personality, this has been one of my bigger questions and areas of tension as i try to give to the church and people around me.

I hear both sides:

A) More often i hear: "Don't build a ministry around one person or personality."

The reasons are usually explained by someone who has felt the direct effects of this type of ministry when a pastor like this leaves the church. Often the people still at the church after the leader leaves are left trying to pick up the pieces or trying sustain or pick up where the other pastor left off without developing leadership and delegating other leaders to carry on what he started is one of the most common explanations.

B) On the flipside, some ministries just have worked that way like the Billy Graham Ministry.

I am not criticizing its inner workings at all, but all i am saying is that the name of that ministry and what it stands has centered around Billy Graham and his message. I was recently asked, "What is it that only Brent can do for the church? ...that God has created you for?" There seems to be a case for also leading a dream or passion that God has put in your heart and rallying others around you.

The fear of A is holding back. It could be good restraint, but i also believe there can be a negative restraint if i never feel free to fully pursue the dreams or directing God leads

The fear of B is selfishness and pride. It could become less about the team and more about your own desires.

I believe both kinds of ministries can have a time in place, but i have often felt in the middle. Wanting to just "unleash" and allow my personality and hearts desires to run free and to see where God takes them, while often holding back fearing whether it would become prideful or whether i would make sure to do this around a team and create something that goes beyond me rather than just living in the moment.

just ongoing ponderings...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Top 10 Most Pet Peeves

I grew up trying not to have too many things that annoy me, but as i get older my list has grown a little bit :) so i decided to put my top ten list of annoying things together. This has been a week long process, but i finally have a solid list so here it is!!! I hope it entertains you :)

My Top 10 Most Annoying things

  1. Speed bumps.
  2. When people walk by or beside you and they are intentionally having to try and ignore your presence by looking the opposite way or looking to the ground to avoid eye contact or conversation.
  3. A zit on the nose.
  4. Using a bathroom with thin walls that is right next to where everyone else is at.
  5. The continuous car beep when the front seatbelt is undone, the van is reversing, or the keys are left in the ignition while you are just trying to listen to music with the door open.
  6. Burning the top of your mouth or biting the inside of your cheek repeatedly.
  7. The awkwardness of pulling up next to someone you know at a red light after the 5 seconds of the surprise excitement runs out and you awkwardly don’t know whether to keep talking or to pull forward so there is no pressure to keep conversation going.
  8. Getting honked to hurry up when you are already rushing to do something in the house.
  9. Serious or spiteful sarcasm with an added smile.
  10. Getting hit by a shopping cart on the heel of your foot.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

I love artists

Here was a random Christian video that i came across that i found intriguing. I am always so impressed with artists expressing themselves in different ways.