Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cursed to Taco Bell

You know how it talks about generational blessings and curses in the Bible, the idea where your parents good and bad decisions can continue you on generationally in their kids, grand kids, etc?
Well the only one that i think i have come across is that i think i am doomed to crave Taco bell and be perfectly content to eat Taco Bell on a daily basis because of my dad. Okay, well maybe it is my own fault and decision as well, but i'm still not sure how much of a choice i had in this matter. :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One of THE MOST AMAZING dance moves and football catches i have ever seen.

I just rewatched this dance moment from America's best dance crew 5 and it still blows my mind every time i watch it!

I would say the same exact thing about this football catch made by prothro

Party in the AUK made New Zealand TV!!!

Apparently Party in the AUK was played on Iamtv this last week!!! how awesome is that! If you didn't know, me, John Gorveatte and a load of other friends in New Zealand including laura, stephenie, and ben made a video talking about New Zealand and other things in Auckland. You can watch it below. It made my day to hear that the video made it on to tv though! so cool.