Friday, October 15, 2010

Lansing Fun So Far...

I don't have pictures up, but a few of the things i have done so far are a:
Grand Rapids
college/young adults homegroup
Ignited conference

and Random Friend Visits from:
Codey Holliday
Dave Hopewell

Good times

The House & Churches in Lansing

I still have a few videos and pics to go:
Service & UG video, dewitt pics/ office pic, etc.
but here is a quick look at my life!


My office
I have deer that always come behind the church windows
This is a smaller venue where we hold the nigh service
I don't have a good picture of the sanctuary yet. this is it at night with no one in it! :)3D Youth Room...

This is the campus where we will launch in February
Parking Lot
We played volleyball here in the summer
Parking Lot from Entrance and overhang
The Sanctuary
Before the carpet was torn out.
the awesome colored microphone covers and projector improvisationHall Way Before being torn down
The Afters are to come
Both these pictures so a desire to reach out although we are now going about it in a different way
Nursery extra rooms
The Parsonage Where I'm living
Kitchen Floor before
and After