Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Top 10 Reasons I Love Living Near a University

  1. A guy flies by on a long board my first step out of the door in the morning.
  2.  People randomly trying to coerce me into a game of ping pong throughout the day.
  3.  I daily bump into people I enjoy without it being in the daily agenda.
  4.  People ask me questions about the most random subjects as though I'm a genius in all areas of life.
  5. Late night food runs.
  6. You walk around more.
  7. There’s always voices & laughter echoing around campus throughout the night.
  8. Talking to brilliant people who make you feel more intelligent simply by listening to them and being able to say you know them.
  9. Chocolate milk & cereal available for all meals of the day…
  10. There’s always someone around who can play the guitar.