Thursday, June 09, 2005

Jesus Rocks!!! A Tribute to answered prayers

Below are three recent AWESOME answered prayers, and i know there is more so please, PLEASE comment below with your answered prayers. Let's not let the amazing things God is doing hide.

1. I had been praying that the Lord would get me involved and use me this summer. I told trace on Sunday that i had been praying and really felt that it would be cool if we could get a bible study for guys just to talk and live life together. Monday night we went out to dinner for my birthday which was the day before and two old friends showed up randomly. We started to talk and without any coaxing on my part, one of the guys you would least expect this comment from rattled out in the middle of the conversation, "This may sound a little corny, but i don't care, i think we should really start a Bible study." Trace and i looked at each other in disbelief. God is good.

2. My friend Kim Clark was over seas on a missions trip and was doing a little street evangelism. She knows sign language because her sister is deaf. She ended up talking to two guys on the street, one of which was also deaf. She talked to them and asked if she could pray for them. While she was praying in sign language, the deaf guy stopped her in the middle of her prayer because he heard something behind him... did you catch that.... for the first time he could HEAR!

3. My other friend David Carillo was over in Hawaii. A man was brought to him and his friends. This man had a crippled/disfigured leg. He had gotten hit by a car(i think) or something like that and didn't have anyone to treat it. David and his friends prayed over this disfigured leg showing through his torn jeans, and watched as it started reform before their very eyes to where i believe David said the man could walk again.

Matthew 21:21-22
Jesus replied, "I tell you the truth, if you have faith and do not doubt, not only can you do what was done to the fig tree, but also you can say to this mountain, 'Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and it will be done. If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer."

Once again, share your stories, so we can hear, have our faith increased, and praise God. These people are normal everyeday people that the Lord used because of their willingness, I hope you are encouraged, because i sure am.

Here i Go

The Summer Plans
I have seen a lot of friends and been getting settled in since Sunday... that includes surfing a few times, eating a phatty Carne asada burrito, IN-N-OUT, going to the rock, and seeing countless friends so far. My digital camera is getting fixed but i will have pictures soon. I am working at the summer kids day camp i have worked at way too many years :) and i am looking for a second job. It is good to be out here, but this is the first time i have tried to keep up with and really miss the company of friends elsewhere. Sorry, if i am doing a bad job so far... but life is chaotic settling in right now, but i hope i miss you friends.Don't get me wrong life is good, and i am praying that the Lord could use me out here... i just wish some of you could share this experience with me and help those who are hurting.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Are we setting ourselves up for failure?

My thought. up through elementary school even jr.high people receive the physical touch they need from their family. Through High School they receive this tough from friends and later on in life Americans receive their touch from their marriage partner hopefully. But what about that high school and college age? Are we depriving ourselves of physical touch in the Christian world? I know of girls in the dorm that cuddle all the time. I know there have also been times for me personally where girls have looked attractive to me just because i wanted that touch. But with homosexuality coming more into the picture, it seems that physical touch among same sex friends, especially guys is even discouraged. It seems only logical to say then that a lot of us are deprived of physical touch at this age. If we don't find a healthy way to find this touch, it scares how far i have seen other people go to find it. So where is this physical touch supposed to come from? Dating Relationships? Should we encourage that? or is it a time in one's life where we are supposed to wait as singles so that marriage (if it comes)will be that much more special? Or is it from same sex friends? I don't know whether this is a spiritual issue or a pyschological(developmental life stage)issue. I don't have an answer, so if anyone has any idea i would appreciate it... as for me... if any body needs a hug, I'll be your friend! :)

My Knee Is FREE!!!

I'm So Happyyyyyyyy!
Today i went to the doctor and he said i was cleared to start running and playing sports!...(cough cough within reason cough cough) What does that mean? Well i am glad you asked, because that means i will be heading on a road trip out to California in the parents car for yet another summer! Thanks Mom & Dad! That means that i will probly be getting in a little less reading, deep thinking, and blogs and getting into a little more hands on ministry. I will stay with Trace and will be working at the Shadow Mountain Kids Summer Day Camp. I will also be trying to pick up a second job to pay for living, gas, and hopefully a car by the end of the summer. Yes, pitiful but true, it is about time that by my senior year of college... i actually become responsible enough to own a car. :) I will be leaving Thursday or Friday so As for now...
Peace OUT!!!

Peace OUT!!!