Tuesday, August 03, 2004


I don't know what the number is now but i am calling up Jenny Craig! Today while i was playing four square i totally ripped my shorts! The weirdest thing ever was when one of the other workers ripped his pants too! What are the chances of two of splitting our pants on the same day... I guess they're PRETTY GOOD! But it's all good because i had the best dream EVER!

The Perfect Dream
I have had surfing dreams for awhile... but in every dream there are always good waves and i have never been able to ride them!!! Either they got further away or something would happen. You know you are pretty bad when you can't even do good in your dreams! Anyways, not last night! I did good surfing the day before, so last night for the first time... I RODE THE WAVE. Not only that but i was in the barrel like this and ... honestly... i probably felt better in my dream than i EVER will in really life! Then i woke up late for work and split my pants and my life returned to normal!


Anonymous said...

Yo B! As your official "dream therapist", :) , I will attemptto explain what your dreams mean. The waves might represent fond memories from the past of your youth or childhood (pre-college days) when you were stress free and had big dreams and ambitions to look forward to. As you get older, your dreams from childhood may seem more distant or unattainable. You may wish for the ways and stress free days from the past to come back, but reality has come and you can no longer live in carefree bliss as life throws bigger challenges your way - it takes more strength to tackle them - thus in the dream you can never actually reach the waves, though you can still see and sense them. A part of you lives in the past while another part of you lives in reality and takes new challenges that life presents. --- Maybe that is all incorrect, but I love trying to interpret dreams any way! Hope some of it helps! Miss you - AP (not ANAL!)

Anonymous said...

brothaman - you need to do a big number on those pantalones. looks like you've had a few problems out in ca this summer, but i'm glad you're having fun. come visit me in la before you leave! love you - kel