Tuesday, February 01, 2005


yep you guessed it
Next thursday February 10th is when i have surgery! I am supposed to be fully recovered in 4-6 months. That means i will have surgery on Thursday, come back to school on monday with crutches, and press on. Spring break trips are out of the schedule. On a lighter note...after doing the pushup plan, I just did 100 pushups straight for the first time ever!!! that's exciting! and Yes mom i left this picture up there since i know you love it so much!

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Caleb said...

Brent looks so crazy in his bald headed self. My mother got a crack at it. She just couldn't stop laughin at brent. Brent is the most coolest guys i have ever met.
Ps. Brandon looks kind of freaky with part of his head shaved off.