Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Senior Year at IWU

I just finished two weeks of RA training and now getting into the swing of things as the campus went from being practically empty to practically overcrowded. But i am loving the people and activities. These are some pictures from last year of the Hodson Hall staff that i am working with. These guys are amazing brothers and will play a big part this year

joel loves hugs

models eat your hearts out

cuddle time


oh yeah

hodson evans


number 1

link up


last year RA

team work

last year RA

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Anonymous said...

Hey QB!!!
I loved your pictures of the kids and the summer. It was such a great summer and I'm so glad you were a part of it. How's school going? I had no idea you were going to be an RA. That's exciting. You will be a great one. I also can't believe you are a senior!! You're growing up so fast. Well I hope you are well and happy. Talk to you later,
Little Dipper