Wednesday, November 09, 2005


enough said
This is my shout out to all those who thrive under pressure!!! Yes, it is 5am and I have a 6 page paper due in 5 hours and I LOVE IT!!! Actually I hate myself right now, and yet I know I am going to get it done, so much so, that I am writing this pointless time consuming journal just to distract my mind for that much longer before I get started. My question, Is there any ideal job for this? Weather man is out …I don’t think people would appreciate getting tornado warnings as late as I turn in my papers. Doctor is out …I don’t think the patient’s family would appreciate me waiting to see how close he can get to flat-lining before I save him, just for the thrill of it. Stunt devil… I would lose something, that’s fore sure. Sports player …too risky and way too close for comfort. The carefree friend that causes everyone else to slack off and not care because he never seems to have do any work or any thing of importance besides enjoy himself… YES! As to how I will make money, I am still at a loss.


Lynne Howard said...

haha, nice picture brent! yes, you, a senior- have mastered the art of question is, i wonder if i could find a job where i get paid to sleep!?!? hmmm anyway- good blog. i'll see ya around! :)
haha that's funny about the pumpkins in your yard.
ps- you and steve are welcome to come over to the house any time! it would be fun!

Lynne Howard said...

I feel ya B, I chose to check out your blog because 1) I am interested in what is goin on in your life and 2) because I am procrastinating studying for an exam I have tomorrow!! So I should probably get busy studying....right, I think I have a few more blogs to check up on :)
later buddy! -Anne