Thursday, May 11, 2006

God is coming alive

I am learning amazing things through a few different things i am reading right now. Rob Bell's book velvet Elvis has been amazing in helping. I am realizing that the Bible is trying to show us what truth is. The bible is more than just trying to convince people it is right. It is trying to show us what God meant when he set the world in to place. The bible is teaching us raw truth and how the world works. For instance, "beware of money." It's true, with more money comes more problems. I love the relationship aspect with the Lord and i am loving that i am excited to read the Bible to see how the world works better. To see what the Bible is teaching. For instance, we are told we are holy and blameless as believers. I have been told that my whole life but never believed it. I have been told Christ literally lives in me and i have known it, but i don't know that i have ever believed it. Don't get me wrong i have been a christian and i know Christ, i just feel like for the first time i actually believe that Christ actually LIVES in me and that i have the power to heal and restore others. That as holy and blameless, i am not perfect, but that God somehow sees me as holy and blameless and although i may not understand it completely, for the first time i actually starting with that as truth and seeing what that means and what the repurcussions of that are. If you aren't experiencing that belief of restoration and reality, i pray you do, because it is aMAZING! God is good and very real to me right now.
As to future, i am currently trying to figure out where i will be used in ministry in the most effective and alive way. I am trying to decide whether more schooling is involved since i love to learn. Please be praying for me and where the Lord will lead me.


dan said...

Hey Brent! Velvet Elvis is a Great Read!!!

Hey bro I'll be praying for you!

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