Saturday, July 01, 2006

Just back from Jr. High Camp

I just went to Jr. High Summer camp with my church kids from Sunday to Saturday. We had a blast but it was a TOUGH week. A lot of them group up in the church so the envangelistic style preacher was good, but my teens got fidgety at times. It was a good time to get to know the guys and answer a lot of questions that they have had about Chrisitianity for awhile. I had to other adult sponsors: One guy name Robert and girl named LeighAnn. We had 15 teens. It was a CRAZY group and good times. I just got back and am going to see Kelly & Brenton tonight since they are in San Diego for Jacqelyn Santa's(long time family friend) wedding. THen back to church to lead a Sunday morning service! Life is full, crazy, and yet God always seems to provide those moments and times of refreshment. Today, i was able to sit down and just worship the Lord for about an hour with my guitar... Sooo good. Started to write a new song. I have a verse that has stuck out to me at camp but that will be for another time. I am at a coffee shop where i get free wireless and my parking meter time is up. Until next time.

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Jon said...

I love the "surf's up" sign (or whatever it is) that the blonde haired camper is doing in the middle picture...totally gives away where you are...

but on the other hand you need to tell your kids that peace signs are so 1995.