Saturday, October 21, 2006

Ode to Daydreamers

Do you ever have those times where you are reinacting something in your head and actually physically reacting to your daydream completely oblivious to your surroundings and the people around you. i remember one time in college where i walked by and having a really awkward "hi" with a friend. As i continued to class i was reinacting how i could've nodded or said something funny or responded to that friend. I didn't realize what i was doing until a friend coming up to me from an adjoing sidewalk woke me up by saying, "Brent... what are you doing?!?" Well actually... i was making a really stupid hello face to my invisible friend... Yeah, try and explain that one to my friend! Well just yesterday as i was walking to Ralphs i was excited about seeing some friends that night after work. As i was thinking about the night i let out a"yeeaaaahhh!!!" and started to laugh as i was thinking about the future night. The family getting into there car 20 feet in front of me all turned and looked at me with a puzzled face. ummmm... yeah... awkward ...wasn't talking to you. I said a little hi and was oUT! haha. Great moments.

Some Things i have thought lately:
How awesome is it that TODAY i have a new chance to truly live out who i want to be.

I watched some Jews walked by and thought, "how sad is it that they are going to hell." This thought disturbed me since i have no clue what there core beliefs are.
So i went to Shabbat(Jewish Sabbath)
Just talked to a rabbi the other day. It is interesting that in the same way we think the had it right until they missed Jesus, the Muslims think that we missed Muhammed the next prophet to reveal truth to us. THe Jewish culture intrigues me. I am thinking about starting to read through the Old Testament with no presuppositions of Jesus and to see how it would tell me to live to kind of see how Jews and people before the NT would see how to live. THen i want to read the New Testament and truly try and see what Jesus brings to the table. I know there will be a lot of historical/cultural background and traditions that i will miss, but i think it will be fruitful. I have always approached the Bible with Jesus(which is not bad, it is probably correct theologically), but i am excited to see what Jesus Brings to the table when you read through the Old Testament and see the state the world is in before the New Testament instead of just assuming that Jesus was completely obvious to everyone before the New Testament. It will be interesting to approach the bible with the idea that this is what God has revealed for me to know starting with the OT and going from there. THe journey will be sweet. I am starting in Genesis again.

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