Thursday, December 11, 2008

Answer to Prayer

If you get a chance check out this video. It is shaky, it is not a high quality video, and nothing special, but it was a critical moment. I was at a low point here in New Zealand. During my last trip to New Zealand there was a time where everything went wrong. I was worn out to the point of wanting to quit, when i attended church at Shoregrace that Sunday night and received the encouragement and reaffirmation from my family in Christ. God was faithful.

This video above was last Saturday, after a week of being mentally and physically exhausted after trying to get things back into place after the robbery. I was exhausted after a full day of activities and planned to go home and crash Saturday night. For some reason i was prompted to invite Heidi, Rachel, and the teens over to the place. In a moment when i couldn't take much more for the week, the family of Christ pulled through again. We turned on Christmas music, decorated a little bit, ate snacks, and just hung out, much like my family Christmases back home. It was just what i needed and had been praying for, so i picked up Heidi's camera and recorded this! God is still faithful

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Heidi said...

you love us.