Thursday, January 08, 2009

I am a Camp Speaker this Weekend

It has been a good but hectic summer so far. I added two or three entries below to give you a little idea of what I have been doing during the summer and Christmas. A great opportunity that has presented itself in the last 2 months is for me to be the camp speaker at the National Wesleyan Youth Camp( this weekend. There will be approximately 100 people attending and approx 70% believers 30% unbelievers and this is only the camps third year running. I have been preparing hard and I am getting excited about the opportunity. This is probably an important reason God has brought me back to New Zealand at this time! I would appreciate it if you would join me in prayer for the weekend. Please pray especially for God to speak through me and the teens that will make important commitments to Christ and most likely be big leaders in the future of the Wesleyan church planting movement in New Zealand. Thanks for your prayers and I have someone videotaping the sermons so that I can share them with you later.
For those of you who like to pray during the events
these are my Sermon Times this weekend and their coinciding times in the US on the West and East Coast.

Sermon 1:
Jan 9 Friday 8pm (NZ time)
Jan 8 Thursday 11pm(PT)
Jan 8 Friday 2am(ET)

Sermon 2:
Jan 10 Saturday 9am (NZ time)
Jan 9 Friday 12pm(PT)
Jan 9 Friday 3pm(ET)

Sermon 3:
Jan 10 Saturday 7:30pm (NZ time)
Jan 9 Friday 10:30pm(PT)
Jan 9 Friday 1:30am(ET)

Sermon 4:
Jan 11 Sunday 9am (NZ time)
Jan 10 Saturday 12pm(PT)
Jan 10 Saturday 3pm(ET)

Sermon 5:
Jan 11 Sunday 7:30 (NZ time)
Jan 10 Saturday 10:30pm(PT)
Jan 10 Saturday 1:30am(ET)

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Anonymous said...

How did camp go? I'm praying for you right now, friend! Hope things are going good for you in the land down under!