Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Scar and Thought

So I've added a major scar every 4 years for the last 12 years.

I broke my hand doing a backflip and had surgery when i was 17
Tore my ACL during churchleague basketball and had surgery at 21

and just got a gash on my face during a shaving cream fight at camp at the age of 25.

Forget tattoos and piercings to make a statement... I will be a walking picture of different stories and accidents by the age of 60 with all my scars :)

Also, this quote gave me good kick in the but last night when i was reading: This is probably true about some of the things i don't intentionally bring before the Lord.
“I learned that the most accurate barometer of my humility and sense of dependency is not what I think about myself or what other people thing about me. It’s the reality of the actual praying I do.

When we ask God to intervene in our lives or in someone else’s life, we’re actually admitting our own weakness. We come to God because we know we can’t handle whatever situation we’re in. We need help with our marriage, our kids, our future, our job, our decisions, or whatever else we seek his help for. On the other hand, when we don’t pray very much, we’re really saying that even though the Lord created the universe, we think we can handle our problems and guide ourselves through life. It means that we are putting a lot of stock in our own intelligence and resources, quietly claiming our own sufficiency. Genuine prayer acknowledges who God is and our need for hi. That’s a sign of humility.” Chip Ingram Good to Great in God's Eyes

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Sarah said...

So true about prayer!