Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Getting back on the saddle

First off, let me apologize for being a horrible blogger as of late.
Second, Laughing is Good

Third, here are some raw thoughts from an old journal a few years back.

There seems to be a consistent difference between what people say or think they believe and know to be true And how they REALLY feel

They need to realize the difference between recognizing how they really feel, believe, and act

and how that compares to what God actually means by what he asks of them

We are good at getting people into church and telling them what they should believe

But I’m not sure we are so good at helping them actually see and believe it themselves

Often, when we haven’t completely faced our deep seeded beliefs and have just accepted what others have told us.

We aren’t seeking… we are following and listening to whatever we are told.

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junicofur said...

First of all, I am glad you are going to start blogging again. I confess, I checked occasionally the last few months hopeful ...
Second, I agree ... I am doing some more inward digging myself lately to find where and on what my beliefs and convictions really stand. I hope God and I both like what I find ... and if not, I am already thankful for His mercy!