Monday, April 28, 2014

15 Ways To Stop Christian Gossip (Part 3 of 3)

1. Don’t Accept Generalities as Truth from Others.
2. Ask for Permission from The Confider to Share (even when inconvenient) Before You Break a Person’s Trust.
3. Don’t Latch Onto Criticism Easily. Ask, “Is This Promoting Unity on the 90% We Agree on or Dissonance on the 10% We Disagree on as the Body of Christ?”
4. Be Open to Hearing Differing Opinions While Entrusting Yourself To God First, an Inner Circle Second, and a Healthy Outside Third Party Before You let the Crowds Validate your Actions and Self-Worth.
5. Develop a Reputation Where Details and Stories Stop at You.
6. Ask Yourself in Reflection, "Would others Say that I have been Vocally Complaining or Unsatisfied with every Friend Group, Life Scenario, or Church in my life so far?"
7. Ask, “Am I Putting Down Someone to Prove I’m Comparably Better than that Person or that I Should be in their Position?”
8. Hold People Accountable When they Confide or Else don’t let them Be Repeat Dump Offenders.
9. Speak the Truth... in Love...
10. You Aren't Supposed To Tell Everyone All of Their Wrongs Without Them Giving You Permission. Don’t try and Be the Close Best Friend/Informant to someone who hasn't asked for your opinion or isn't close.
11. Have an Awareness of Your Weak/Vulnerable Moments and Watch Your Words.
12. Have an Awareness of When You’re Feeling Defensive and Watch Your Responses.
13. Ask, “Have I or Could I Say This To Their Face in Love?”
14. Ask, “Is There an Honouring, Constructive Nature to this Conversation?”
15. As a Leader/Supporter, ask, “Does this Story Match the Character I already Know of that Person and, if not, am I Going to Give them the Benefit of the Doubt first?"

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