Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Canadian Maritimes For Dummies Test (Part 12):

  1. What is a beaver tail?
  2. When do you stop for a pedestrian crossing the road?  If gonna hit them/ when in crosswalk/ when thinking about crosswalk/ 20 yards from
  3. Do you say, "I'm sorry" when: you physically run into somebody/ when somebody runs in to you/ when you almost run into each other
  4. Are we corn pops an oval or circle shape?
  5. What is a double double?
  6. True/ False: Roll-up month is practically a holiday.
  7. What is Roll-up month?
  8. What is a donair?
  9. What is Poutine?
  10. How do you phoenitically pronounce sorry: s-ully/ soar- ee / saw-ree/ su-dee?
  11. True/False: Although considered polite and apologetic, any Atlantic Canadian pedestrian reserves the right to get upset and give an angry stare or gesture at any driver that drives across the crosswalk while they are walking in it and consider the driver a jerk, even if it doesn't disrupt their walking speed or directly endanger them at all.
  12. Y/N: Does Canada celebrate their own Thanksgiving?
  13. Does Canada have two extra time zones in North America east of the US's (EST) including one half hour time zone change?

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