Tuesday, July 28, 2015

You Know You're A Pastor's Kid When...

As a pastor, pastor's kid (pk), and now Bible college professor, relating to other pastor's kids has been a part of my world.  Here's my own list with the help of some other pk blogs (included at the bottom):

Here's a Shorter Picture Version to Share

 You Know You're A Pastor's Kid When: 

  1. You involuntarily volunteered for all church functions. 
  2. You've been asked, "So are you going to be a pastor when you grow up?"
  3. You were expected to be best friends by going up and talking to every kid at church.
  4. You're very familiar with your parent's Sunday afternoon naps.
  5. You weren't missing church unless you literally threw up that morning.
  6. You've snacked on communion bread at some point.
  7. You're still not sure how quick to volunteer when a group is asked, "Will someone please pray for us?" 
  8. Your first concert was a Christian concert... probably in a church.
  9. You got so used to being the last one to leave places, you still feel some weird responsibility to keep doing it. 
  10. You have a stack of t-shirts with verses or Christian art on it from camps, missions trips, and university promo t-shirts. 
  11. Your mom or dad have referenced your personal life as an example without you knowing it and you were left confused when a stranger came up joking and talking to you about it as if you knew.
  12. You know the Glass House/Fishbowl Effect all too well... Where you're aware of what "THEY" (whoever that is) would say or think, even if you don't hear their comments. And everywhere you go, you feel like someone is always watching your example or that someone else will always hear about whatever you're doing.
  13. You meet other PKs and just, get each other.
  14. You're not surprised by jokes or a reference to "rebellious PKs."
  15. You know the shortest verse in the Bible and have tried to say John 3:16 as fast as possible.
  16. Youth group games... enough said.
  17. You have specific memories of watching your mom or dad preparing a message/lesson. 
  18. You have a special memory with your parents from a missions trip or ministry moment, that you'll never forget.
  19. There are people from church who've made positive lifelong lasting impressions on you and some who've left not so positive lasting words and impressions.
  20. Deep down you love and respect your parents, knowing how much they have loved and sacrificed, through incredibly tough times others outside your home will never fully see or grasp.

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