Monday, May 02, 2016

10 Great Things About Being A Dad

In honor of it being exactly one year ago that we crossed a huge family milestone where Natasha & I received Roya & Alea's official adoption papers saying their last name has been changed to Dongell, here’s a list of some of my favorite moments as a dad over the past two years. (and yes I used stock photos for efficiency, even though I have a very photogenic family).

Top 10 Things About Being A Dad
1.     Carrying a snuggling sleepy daughter from the car to their bed.

2.     Holding their small hands and walking and talking with your child. 
3.     Laughing enjoyably together at something funny they are doing.

4.     Taking them out for a food treat or tradition that they love.

.     Hearing cute conversations and explanations through their childlike voices and understanding.

6.     Play fighting, wrestling, chasing, tickling, & tackling.

7.     The satisfaction of calming your child down and putting them back in bed after they wake up in the middle of the night, without trying to wake your spouse (this might be only me).

8.     Cute social interactions they have when they're meeting new people. 

9.     Seeing your child be polite and bring joy into a stranger's world.

10.  Having an excited daughter yell, “Daddyyyyy!” while running to give me a hug when arriving home from the work day.

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