Friday, October 15, 2004

So what have i been up to?

A LOT!!! This last weekend(Oct 8-9) i hiked the Knobstone Trail which was a 45 mile hike in 21 hours through the night and day. To see more pictures and a description of the hike and trail go to this sight

Ryan Robertson, Danielle Searl, Dan Eggenschwiler, Kevin Wright, Me, and Adam Thada Posted by Hello

From 6:15PM to 3:45PM the next day Posted by Hello
FUNNY STORY: "And God humbled Me" About 4 miles into the hike i was leading the group and i felt fresh and ready to hike. So at the top of my lungs i half seriously half emphatically said,"Whoo! Give me a challenge" No exaggeration... 3 steps later i am rolling down the hill in the dark. God somehow kicked a stick in the road that caught my shoe and took me out. Not to mention everybody else was laughting and knew i deserved it.

What?!? Posted by Hello
This is the 45.24 club pretty much saying WHATUP!!! you see that mountain behind me... yeah walked like 20 of those today!

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