Friday, October 15, 2004

Quick Thoughts

PERSPECTIVE: Adam Thada ran the half marathon faster than me but his response to my praise was this: Good Job! That means that you ran just as hard for that much longer than me. You're Amazing!

Am i the only one who doesn't feel that excited to vote for Bush or Kerry?!? That i am almost settling either way?

The culture says: To Live is Gain and To Die is Christ!
God said through Paul: To live is Christ and to Die is gain!
Can we do anything about that?


Anonymous said...

My dearest Brent....please don't settle for not being happy with either Bush or Kerry....I strongly believe that if Mr. Kerry becomes President...our beautiful U.S. and many, many, of our freedoms as we know them will be gone!!! Not to mention Terrorists will have a HAYDAY with us because our backbone will be gone!!!! If Mr. Kerry becomes president...your taxes will go up, Iraq will get left behind, women will contiue to have partial birth abortions, and religious freedom will be more and more of a memory!!!!! It is an extremely important year to vote and vote for President Bush!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's not everyday that a president comes along who spends time every morning in prayer and reading God's Word!!! It's a privilege to have Bush as our president!!!

Your Sister,

Becky said...


I agree with your first responder. He may not be "flash", but he is steady, and I believe is of good moral character. These are sadly missing in most politicians and are a things of value. And I agree with Jen, we can be thankful he starts each day with the Lord for guidance.

While our country is not perfect, it could be much, much worse. And I believe that in Kerry's hands it would be. My earnest prayer is for his defeat, it that is God's will. I could never vote for someone that believes it is OK to take the life of an unborn child, even more so after cuddling our little grandson that was 2 pounds and 7 ounces at birth, smaller than lots of aborted babies!

Praise God that He is in control!

Anonymous said...

i just read a great verse, i think it was Prov. 22:1, "the king's heart is like a stream of water directed by the Lord, he can turn it whatever way he wants"
the president is like our king. it doesn't matter if kerry or bush wins the election, they are still subject to God, and God can accomplish anything, no matter who's runniing our country.
doesn't matter who you vote for, just vote. if not for your sake, than for the sake of all americans who wouyld love to vote but are too young, or for all of those around the world who long to have a voic, but are perpetually silenced.