Tuesday, December 21, 2004

As of late...

festival of lights
I slept for like 4 days straight when i got home on December 15. I visited my mom's 5th grade classroom for a day, i visited the dentist twice(the worst place ever!), and then i went to Plymouth Wesleyan's Christmas program called "Festival of Lights!" There were over 40,000 lights, Crazy? I think so! The pictures fuzzy, but you get the point. Then kelly came home on Saturday

Kelly getting ready
We had all of the neighborhood families over Monday night... CRAZY!!! over 20 kids 8th grade and under all going crazy at once!!! Now it is on to Christmas shopping! Jen & Brandon will come in on Christmas day and then we will have the whole family



Anonymous said...

brent! i didn't know you had a blog? how exciting! i hope you had a great christmas. see you in a few weeks.


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Anonymous said...

thanks for the flattering picture bro! i love you - hope your surgery went well. - kel