Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Farm Fun!!!

My Nanna Pappaw and Me
our Family always love going to the Farm in NC. We went down there for Thanksgiving and had a great time. I definitely am already seeing signs of aging when i am consistently passing up activity and exercise for sleep & paper work!!! Either way it was still too beatiful not to go out. here is my dad enjoying the view

My Dad on the mtn
I would like to say that Brandon and I did not try to ride these cows... but we did with very little success!!! Despite there bulky appearance you would be surprised how fast those cows can move when being chased!

Ollie & Brandon

Becca & Nathaniel
These are my cousins and a friend that is staying with them. Family is great. We had the best homecooked meal ever and sat around and laughed... i actually ate too much food and threw up afterwards... how pitiful is that! I think i am grown up enough to move out in my own in a couple of years and yet i can't even tell myself when to stop eatin'! :) It was fun times at the farm. We relaxed, played golf, played Dr. Mario for NES with my Grandparents, appreciated our family and were back to school by the end of Thanksgiving weekend! Good times!

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