Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Different Styles

I just got done reading my friends' blogs and my brain hurts. What flabbergasts me the most is how drastic a difference i can see in my Christian friends. Read these two articles below if you have the time and compare. Brandon seems to have a lot figured out and Josh seems to be questioning a lot... Neither description is meant to be negative, just different personalities and styles of ministry. I just came out from seeing this contrast in people below completely dumbfounded! Can each individual Christian's life be that custom-fit for them? I get scared the more i think that there is a specific unique calling for each of us to follow and that i can't follow someone else but really have to find where God is calling me to. Does the Lord direct my desires to(i know opinions would vary here) or do i get to choose whether i want to be someone who spends most of their life focusing more on theological and philosophical basics or someone who does not neglect those but sees more importance in evangelism and relationships. Lord, help me to figure out myself and to know how much i need to depend on you and how much of life is truly a preference.It's kinda like a procrastinater's God will always pull through for them in the last minute and a disciplined person's God will give them weeks in advance. Is God just all encompassing or do we fit him to our personalities. I guess this is just my continuing search to know God and myself. So any wisdom would be well appreciated.

Scroll half way down to "Why Good people don't go to heaven"

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