Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I Hate...

"What we hate says a lot about who we are… how we hate says much about how we will succeed."
Cloud, Henry. 9 Things Graduates Must Do to Succeed in Life.

We are told so much that anger is bad in the church that we always think "hate" is bad. In fact to some of my friends "hate" is a dirty word. This book went on to describe how hating is good. The Lord detests certain things(Proverbs 6:16-19) So hating somethings actually shows how much we love something. It shows a lot about what we care to protect and cherish... so below are a few things i feel that i honestly hate. Please....PLEASE give me more personal hates or insights and even feel free to correct me if i am wrong.

I hate:
Seeing someone hurt and not knowing how to help them
Disappointing people i love
Those who blatantly cause my friends with potential to not live up to what they otherwise would ( those who take others down with them)
The confusion Satan has put in this world
The power i allow habitual sin to have over me

Can I be very transparent for a sec. For those of you who make it this far to the bottom of this extremely long post, here is the vulnerable Brent. The Lord has been revealing to me lately how much i lie. IT's horrible. IT's little stuff but its huge and i hate it! ie. Someone will ask me, "How are you doing in your devotional time or with some responsibility?" and i will come up with some answer like.... "oh i am reading other books that talk a lot abot the bible and that constitutes most of my devotional time." Pretty much a whole bunch of words to say "i'm not reading my Bible!" The sad part is i have actually taught myself to believe that these exaggerations or moderations are me being optimistic about a situation rather than lying. What it really is, is me lying and avoiding my failures as a human being because i hate them! In the same book i also read this quote, "People who win in life do not condemn themselves for failure; they accept it." I am learning to be honest with myself and others. When i am finally willing to accept my failures that are normal as humans, not complacent, but accepting my failures I will see how great my God is. It's crazy but God somehow works through my failures! ON top of that, there will be a day where I will not fail and that is because God won't fail. We serve a BIG GOD! and that glorious day of victory in the Lord will be Amazing! AMEN!

...Praise the Lord for Hate, because it will make Christ's victory all the more SWEET!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow bud, that last line is great. It makes you think really about God’s intentions and how he truly is working in our lives. I think that so much of our modern Christianity revolves around what we want God to say, and not actually around what God is saying to us. Hate is yet another one of those things that we have taken hold of and twisted to fit our own sinful ways.
Now into the deep secret world of Chris Collins, I have also been struggling hard core with reading the bible and doing devo’s on a daily basis. I try to justify some of the things that I do or read as great filler to go in place of what the Bible does for me, or should do when I read it. I just have a hard time setting aside time to read the bible and talk to God. I know that sounds horrible and I know that I shouldn’t have to set aside time for God, but that is easier said than done. I know that the answer to my problem is obviously that I just have to take the time and spend it with God. I need prayer for that, so there’s something to add to your list. Just know that you are not struggling alone bro. I’ll be prayin for ya.

LG said...

Hey...I randomly came across your blog. I really enjoyed your post. It's weird because I have been comtemplating the things I need to change in my life ie: the things I HATE. So, thanks for sharing your insights. Good luck with turning your "hates" around.