Wednesday, June 07, 2006


These are raw thoughts that i typed out at 2AM and haven't double checked yet, so take it for what it is worth... Raw...

Recently an author used an illustration of looking someone looking at the surface of the ocean and saying that they have seen the ocean. What they say is truth, but only a small fraction of the total truth. I think I have found and beginning to understand this to be true about many of the truths of Christianity. I think at this point of perspective and where you go from here is where many disputes in the church take place. My inquisitive mind would not let me settle with just seeing the surface of the ocean if I knew there was more but for many Christians seeing the surface is sufficient. (This is not questioning or rating spiritual levels, but using a word picture to help decipher differences).This Christian is very happy with reading the word and living out the obvious and upfront truths of the Bible without having to go into an indepth Bible study into the commentaries and Biblical Literature issues. They have accepted the solid truths claimed by the Bible and watched them come to pass in their lives as they live. For other Christians, they need the depths of Christianity. They must not only live out truths told to them but explore, struggle, and understand in order to come up to the surface with so much more insight, hope, and base for why Christianity and the ocean is so true. For others Christians, they have been told about the surface truths of Christianity and are hurt to discover there is so much more under the surface. Some even get so far lost into this concept that they drown in the depths of the ocean of Christianity. If only they could recognize that even those who go down and explore the depths sooner or later will come back to the SAME surface! The best example I can give is that of Love. In 1 Cor. 13: we read that “above all put on love.” If someone were to say that Love were the answer to Christianity, I could agree with that. I believe that is only the surface of it though. To begin to go below the surface of that statement and to realize that Love is the instigator of hope and that for someone to love they will not show favoritism and for someone to love they will establish acceptance and self-worth in others, etc. To say that Love is the answer is the biggest OVERSTATEMENT and UNDERSTATEMENT of the century! In one sense it is so true and encompasses everything and makes the surface believer completely satisfied. In another sense to make that statement and not go any further into detail would be an injustice to the depths believer. The sad part is that all too often the depths believer never takes time to come up and enjoy the colors and sun setting on the surface while the surface believer never takes the time to explore the depths. In either case, it is still the same ocean in the surface and in the depths. We need not get caught up in who is better or worse, but learn to help each other enjoy the fullness of the ocean!