Friday, August 25, 2006

A Crazy Last Few Weeks

My Schedule these last weekend
FRI- August 18th last day of day camp
FRI- allnighter that night 7PM-9AM
SAT-9AM-3PM Volleyball tournament down by the bay
SUN- 7AM-9AM Half Marathon
SUN- 10-1 Lead Jr. High Service at Church
SUN-TUES- Surf Trip with Trace and Adam Pictures to Come

My Uncle Gary came down this last Sunday from Arizona and we were able to run a half-marathon together. I believe our time was 2:01:00. It was fun to actually run with somebody. In the past i have usually been at a pace by myself, and it was cool to run from Point Loma through downtown San Diego. We both had a good time, but neither of us was completely satisfied with our time which means only one thing.... no not that we are out of shape pansies.... that we will have to run anotherr one in the future!

Just Recently The Youth Group went to the Padres Game. Here are a few of us.

This is Amy Morris who graduated from IWU, one of her relatives, Trace and I playing tennis together

Surf Trip and Allnighter Pictures still to come

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The Chinlund Family said...

Way to go on running that half marathon Brent! Once I found out I was preggers, I had to slow down on the running a bit, turns out you're not supposed to do any exercise that leaves you overheated or out of breath. Maybe I'll go for one next year :) Glad to see you're doing well. Know that you're welcome in the Quad Cities (or Traverse City!) anytime! I know Stevie misses you a ton! Take care buddy :)