Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Summer Update

So i haven't gotten to put pictures on here for aWHILE!!! So here is the quick kinda update with pictures.

Kelly Got Married to Brenton BenWare on July 16 and the whole family was out. Here are a couple of pictures from the wedding

Brenton & Kelly as they were leaving

Because of that it means we also got surfing in.

This is Me, Trace, and Ben (trace's cousin). We surf together regularly

This is Brandon getting up

And this is Brenton when Trace and i Got to take him out
This is a picture of me and some of the kids getting ready for Dye Wars at the Day Camp i work at.


Shatford Luke said...

Kelly got married?!?! That's wonderful news. I was thinking about you and Kelly recently and wondering how you both were doing. So, how are you doing? Wish our paths could cross in McConn.....oh, well, life moves on, doesn't it?

Jessica said...

Kelly got married?!! oh wow! Tell her I said Congrats!!
I miss all of you very much and am so glad to hear that you are having an outstanding summer!
In Him,