Thursday, October 12, 2006

Life in San Diego

Life has been crazy but good in the last little while. My digital camera is getting repaired so the only pictures i have were taken from my labtop. The first one is of my friend Cory who has become a good friend over the last month or so through the 2 grad classes i am taking at the branch of Azusa Pacific down here in San Diego. The other picture was taken at the break of one of my classes. The girl in the back, April, is the other good friend i hae made from my classes.

My life has changed since the summer time. I am planning on going to New Zealand in the next few months with Dan Eggenschwiler. Until that time i will stay out in San Diego for this semester and finish my two graduate classes until December. I am currently working at Ralphs grocery store bagging groceries and pushing carts and helping out with the jr. high youth program at Canyon Hills Community Church. The new Jr. high youth pastor just came in a week and a half ago and i am just volunteering for a month or so to help the transition go well at the church. I am also helping start up a young adult group while i am still at the church. My schedule is packed but not. You know how that goes. I have work at Ralphs everyday but Tuesday and Sunday. I have class Monday fro 6-10:45 & Tues 6-9:30 and Youth group Wednesday night. I play indoor soccer some Friday nights and on Sundays i am helping lead the Singles group. While pushing carts at Ralphs i spend most of those 2 hours a day repeating and memorizing Philippians in my head. It is good stuff. God has given me some amazing conversations with fellow workers, friends, and random people i meet. God is using this time to prepare me for New Zealand and the future and although there are still times of ambiguity and questioning and feeling like there is not enough time in the day, the Lord continually seems to send me reminders to sustain and strengthen me. There is way more to be said about my life and i am hoping to get back into the habit of blogging. Especially as i head off to NZ soon. That is my life, this is my story...
Quick side note: I have loved dancing by myself in my free time. I always have... but there is such a beauty in it.


Lynne Howard said...

brent, you always look like you're havin fun!
we're praying for you.

Jason Fry said... hearing how ur life is doing! keep posting and i'll keep checkin in! keep up the good work bro. take care.