Tuesday, October 24, 2006

more pictures from labtop.

This is professor steve mann in one class

this is april and cory from my apu classes that i hangout a lot with and shoot the breeze as we talk about God

This is april and katie after the 20's small group that i am helping get going on Sunday nights. This group has been an amazing place of ministry in its three weeks so far. I also still volunteer with the jr. high ministry and lead a small group that is amazing! This week will be a big spending week. Last minute flight details for New Zealand will be set. I will be getting my digi camera fixed and i will be camping in Yosemite for a couple of nights this weekend. Fun busy times!

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Lynne Howard said...

hey brent! It is great to see you updating your blog and putting pics on! It's nice to know what you are up to out in Cali! When are you goin to New Zealand? Wanna go visit Jendon with Lynne and Jessie and me this Christmas (either Dec. before Christmas or Jan.)?? How is your grocery store job going? I am praying for you! You're a beacon of light! -AP