Monday, February 18, 2008

Growing up but I am horrible at boundaries

One of the things that has happened in this stage of my life is becoming aware of my capabilities and shortcomings. As expected sometimes this if fun and other times this is not so much fun.

It is nice to know I am a young adult: meaning I don’t have to everything figured out but that I am still in the learning process.

I learned that earlier this year. I am learning about finances. There is no doubt that I am not going to be stockbroker that makes millions or manages millions of accounts and I am okay with that. But sometimes I feel like i should be have a way better grasp on finances. It is definitely an area of learning and that is okay.
More Recently I am discovering my issue with boundaries: Before expectations and schedule determined this for me during school and work. Since I have been back from New Zealand my lack of boundaries and somewhat fluid schedule between support raising and part-time jobs have left me drained. Working somewhat out of the home right now I have discovered that I am having a hard time separating work and personal time. This allow me to constantly feel restless and actually accomplish less because there is not a designated time of FOCUS and REST but just a continual nagging of more to do.

God is teaching me. I was reading Boundaries by Henry cloud earlier this year and I think it is time I finish that book. All that to say. I am a young adult who is learning but doesn’t have everything figured out and as long as I am okay with that but willing to work, things will be just fine right now.

I have actually set a 9-5 tentative schedule that is in the trial stage this week.

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