Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Do you ever have those places where you think, i just need to take pictures here? Well i do so here were a few places i stopped and just goofed around.

And yes... this is full proof that i am not a model or a photographer but i hope you appreciate the amateur at work!!!
My Bone

Wax museum

My and the hydrant


Looking to the Horizons :)

Is that what i look like mad?

Did i actually succomb to wearing pink?

What the junk?

In the Dark




Courtney Day said...

Those places were rad!
I really liked "colors" a lot (:

Kelly Benware said...

Can't even tell you're wearing pink!

jeanie said...

Awesome photos!!!

Lynne Howard said...

hey.... i think i see another career for you- your life calling as a model/photographer! :)