Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sweatshirt & Surf in San Diego

Who would've thought that the days in the days i came to San Diego that it would actually be warmer in Plymouth, IN than any other place i have lived in the last couple of years!
Went out surfing with Adam and Trace(in the picture) and Corey and Ben this morning and had a blast.

The waves were not good at all in Del Mar but we definitely enjoyed each other and made the best of it.


Lynne Howard said...

sooo fun! how was preaching??! Did you call Jess yet? And I agree, it's DEFINITELY not fair that it's nicer here than SoCal!

Courtney Day said...

Heeey thanks for telling me your in town! I would've come to college group tonight(: oh well maybe I'll catch ya' Wednesday.
And that water must have been freeezing!