Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Random Pictures

It was great to see the family and open presents over the computer, but still not quite the same as seeing them in person!  Kelly and Brenton had not arrived until later in December

Santa Came this Christmas to New Zealand!!!
We had a great morning with about 11 of us Americans away from family. We opened presents had a nice brunch, watched the Nativity Story, and then a few of us went to the beach since it was a nice day. I didn't take any pictures on New Years... so sorry about that.

This is me chillin out at home.
I don't have a camera, so i mainly only have pictures other people have taken or pictures i have taken with the camera on my actual laptop. So you only get a random selection!

Here is my nephew Jaylon and i playing a game over Skype. haha
I am the box in the bottom left corner with my shirt over my head
Even over the internet great minds can connect and think alike

My parents home back in Indiana still rocked the Christmas lights and snow this year
This is Cail
Cail is apart of the bowlin family who have are missionaries in New Zealand currently on home ministries back in the US although they were here for Christmas

Kids seem to gravitate to the program photobooth on my computer which takes your pictures in different ways:
These are the Jones Kids
As i said kids like to take pictures on this! :)
actually this, is Heidi and Rachel who flat together about 25 minutes away from where i live, but they are to good friends that have been fun to hangout with.

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Kelly Benware said...

Thanks for catching us up! I miss your blogs and seeing you. Love you broham.