Monday, February 16, 2009

Videos of New Zealand and Surfing

Some New Videos for you!
My friend Evy Mazellan from Marion, IN is over here in Auckland staying with the Fussners and his main two goals are to surf and paint. I can't help him with the painting, but i can with the surfing!

Evy graduated from Marion high school a term early and is living in NZ until June instead of in being in school. It is fun to see New Zealand and to get a feel for some of the roads, landscape, and ocean through younger fresh eyes, so i am sure you will enjoy the 2 videos he has made.

This first video is of Evy and me surfing at Hot Water Beach.
This is the first time i have ever seen myself surf on video!

This second one is Evy's fun video he made for friends.


About Brandon said...

Loved the surfing video! It was good talking to you!

Jacobunny said...

Cool bro, nice moves!

We always wanted to try and get some footage but could never find anyone willing to sit on the shore with a camera while we were out in the waves! Fair enough, I wouldn't do it unless I was injured...

Lynne Howard said...

Great job surfing! You look like such a pro!

junicofur said...

You guys look like you are having WAY too much fun! Keep it up!