Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Bromance and awkward Turtle...

If you get a chance check out this article from USA Today (Click here).

Its Funny. It is discussing the UCLA (the University of Southern California) slang that is common today at least in the USA or at UCLA and other college campuses.

These were some of the main words from the article:

Awkward turtle: Comment made in an awkward situation, normally not addressed to the one causing the awkwardness.

Bromance: Extremely close platonic friendship between two males.

Epic fail: What a mistake! What a failure! Oops!

Fro-yo: Frozen yogurt.

Man crush: Guy that a guy believes he'd have a crush on if he was a girl or gay.

Sister from another mister: Very close female friend who resembles a close sibling in feeling

Skrilla: Money

Spit game at; spit some game at: To flirt with (someone), try to get (someone) interested in you.

My dad found this in the newspaper a week ago and it was funny getting to explain to him what the awkward turtle was or why the word bromance makes me smile. : )

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